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1. Select Your Carrier

Carry your Stowaway™ Tools with you everywhere. How you carry is just as important as what you carry. Pick the carrier that fits your lifestyle.

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    iPhone Case $25

    The Phone Case for the Stowaway™ Tools is the perfect fit for the iPhone 6, 6s and 7. Carry your choice of 4 Tools with you everywhere you carry your phone. Models are made of soft durable TPU and each come with a set of Tool Caps and a Protective Liner.

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    Carabiner $30

    Our Innovative Carabiner is made from Brass and has a Titanium Gate. The design cleverly allows you to manage your tools.

2. Customize Your Toolset

The Stowaway™ Tools are a collection of the most popular multi-tool components and other things you might carry with you daily. Now you can carry what you need and leave behind what you don't.

    3. Add Style to your Phone Case

    Stowaway Tool Caps add a splash of color and snap easily in and out of your phone case.

    $5 for each set

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      Stowaway™ Kickstarter

      The Stowaway™ Tool Line was funded in 2 days on Kickstarter and raised more than two and a half times our goal. We would like thank everyone who supported us.
      Check out our Stowaway's Kickstarter page.